Lemonade Insanity 3: Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade is probably the most common form of flavored lemonade, it is a popular virgin drink at restaurants and juice bars. Its popularity is deserved though, because it tastes great!

One of the most important things to remember about berry lemonade of any sort is a little goes a long way. The strawberry flavor can quickly overpower the lemonade taste. Some people like it that way, but I like a nice balance between the two. Also, don’t use strawberry jam or syrup. It will add too much sweetness to the lemonade.

If strawberries aren’t in season, you can use frozen strawberries, they taste almost as good but they are generally a little sweeter.

To make our strawberry lemonade you will need a food processor, cause we want to grind the strawberries to a nice paste. a generous half cup of strawberries should be enough for a two quart batch of lemonade.

Core out the stems, throw the strawberries into the mixer and make your paste. Next, grab a mesh strainer and pour in your strawberry paste. Use a spoon to push it through and filter out the seed and big chunks. What is left over is a lovely pink color.

Add about a quarter cup of the strained strawberry paste to your 2 quarts of lemonade and stir. The lemonade turns a nice pinkish hue.

It tastes delicious! It will be a little stronger the next day, so don’t overdo it on the strawberries. If you like the pulp, you can throw in the strawberry paste without straining it, but keep in mind you will have a fruit film floating on top.