Double Bison burger with Smoked Gouda and Onion Strings

Is this the manliest creation I’ve ever made? I think so. I had a buffalo burger on my trip to Glacier National Park last month, something I hadn’t had eaten since I was a kid. It inspired me to make some for myself. I wanted to go all bold flavors in this creation, and the onion strings (or onion straws) are from a recipe at The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

  • Potato Buns are the best hamburger buns you can get in a regular grocery store. THE BEST. So soft and buttery…
  • A-1 Thick and Hearty Steak sauce may be the most savory taste on the planet. Pure Umami.
  • The onion strings are cut so thin and cook at such a high temperature, they really melt in your mouth.

The onions make it tall

The Ingredients:

  • Potato bun, seasoned with Emerils Garlic Parmesan Essence and then toasted in the greasy hamburger pan.
  • smoked garlic mayo blended with diced beef jerky. Fantastic stuff.
  • 2 quarter pound  ground bison patties, done smash burger style with a little bacon grease in the pan since bison is fairly lean.
  • Smoked Gouda melted on each patty.
  • A1 thick and hearty sauce
  • A big pile of  onion strings on each burger