Grilled Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panini

A man can only go so long until the spontaneous urge to make a sandwich overtakes him. It started with a breakfast trip to the best bakery in town, Petit Chat Village Bakery. After having one of their amazing croissants I bought a fresh Tuscan loaf and had it sliced. It look great for grilling so I fired up the grill and made some grilled chicken and roasted a red bell pepper (which was surprisingly easy.)

I brought the food inside and used the electric grill I got for my birthday to make a panini. It was delicious.

The bread was large enough to fit a whole sliced chicken breast.

Inside is the pepper and chicken and cheese. MMMM.

The Ingredients:

  • Two slices of Petit Chat Tuscan Loaf
  • One boneless skinless chicken breast, seasoned, grilled and sliced
  • A slice of Provolone cheese
  • A slice of Colby Jack “Marble” Cheese
  • Half a roasted red bell pepper
  • a spread of Stephen’s Gourmet Fry Sauce
    because sometimes you want to mix it up from the usual mayo.